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"Replicants are like any other machine.
They are either a benefit or a hazard.
If they are a benefit, it's not my problem."

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

Dr. Mario Gleirscher
Postdoctoral Research Associate in
Software, Systems and Safety Engineering
Software and Systems Engineering Group
Department of Informatics
Technische Universtät München


Contact & Directions

Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching, Germany
T +49(89)-289-17832
Room MI 00.11.055


Research Interests

  • Safe and dependable autonomous systems
  • Formal methods in safety engineering
  • Empirical foundations of practised system safety
  • System and software verification
  • Control theory

Publications listed on ...

Research Under Progress
Method Research:

  • Reaching Safe States of Autonomous Systems
  • Formal Analysis of Dependability Design Patterns for Autonomous Systems
  • Assurance Argumentation Patterns for FTA, FMEA, and STPA
Empirical Research:
  • Systematic Study of Dependability Patterns
  • Replication of a Comparative Study on Safety Analysis Techniques
  • Hazards from High System Entropy: An Explorative Analysis of Case Reports
  • Use Case-based HazOp-Analysis: An Exploratory Case Study
  • Current Challenges of System Safety Practitioners: Qualitative Analysis of On-line Discussions


Teaching assistance (between 2009-2014) in
  • Modelling distributed systems
  • Safety-critical software development
  • Foundations of program and system development
  • Requirements engineering

Open Thesis Topics (Bachelor's, Guided Research, Master's)

  • A Study of Safety Practitioner's Demands, Problems and Expectations
  • A Study of Cross-Domain Component Concepts
  • Synthesis of Dynamic Fault Trees from Transition System Models
  • ...
Interested? Please, drop by my office to discuss further details! As I aim on fundamental research in this domain, we might have plenty of flexibility in shaping one of these topics to your specific interests.

Organizational Activities

  • 1st Int. Workshop SAFADAPT: in preparation, venue and CfP to be announced soon!

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