"Replicants are like any other machine.
They are either a benefit or a hazard.
If they are a benefit, it's not my problem."

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

Dr. Mario Gleirscher
Visiting Researcher in
Dependable Autonomous Machines
High Integrity Systems Engineering Group
Department of Computer Science
University of York

Contact & Directions

Deramore Lane, Heslington
York YO10 5GH, UK
T +44 (0)1904 325500
Office CSE/013-6


Research Interests

  • Dependable autonomous machines (AM)
  • Safety of the intended function (SOTIF)
  • Engineering of safe AM controllers
  • Formal methods in safety engineering
  • Empirical foundations of practised system safety
  • Open safety cases
  • System and software verification

Publications listed on ...

Research Under Progress
Method Research:

  • Reaching Verifiably Safest States of AMs
  • Formal Analysis of Dependability Patterns for AMs
  • Synergies between Assurance Argumentation and Risk Assessment
Empirical Research:
  • Systematic Study of Dependability Patterns
  • Replication of a Comparative Study on Safety Analysis Techniques
  • Subtle Hazard Root Causes
  • Use Case-based HazOp
  • Challenges of System Safety Practitioners:
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  • Use of Formal Methods in Practice:
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Office hours:   Wed 2pm - 5pm
Please, request appointment in advance! Thanks.

Professional Activities


Teaching assistance (between 2009-2014) in

Thesis Topics (Bachelor's, Guided Research, Master's)

  • ...
  • (underway) Synthesis and Analysis of Dynamic Fault Trees for Design Improvement
  • (underway) An Online Survey of Safety Practitioner's Demands, Problems, and Expectations

You are looking for a ...

  • ... Bachelor's or Master's thesis project?
  • ... student assistant project with the option of extension to a Master's thesis?
If you are interested in getting highly automated systems safer, -- systems such as autonomous vehicles, ships, aircrafts, traffic control infrastructures, networked production plants -- I might have some opportunities for you to work on empirical, applied and fundamental topics. Your work will take place in a scientific field which is highly relevant to our society. Please, have a look at my publications and drop me a line about your interests related to these topics.

Please, also consider our department guidelines and the following advice for thesis projects.


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