Version DEB TAR.GZ ZIP User’s manual
0.5.1 [deb] [md5] [tar.gz] [zip] In preparation.
0.1     [zip] [md5] [pdf]

The user’s manual describes YAP’s input language (I call it YAP script) and includes guidance and a series of small examples that show how one can apply YAP.

To verify the package signature, download the corresponding pair of files, PACKAGE.FMT and PACKAGE.FMT.md5, and run

md5sum -c PACKAGE.FMT.md5

You should ideally see something like PACKAGE.FMT: OK on your console.


YAP is a plain Java application, currently available as a DEB, TAR.GZ, and ZIP package.

To install the DEB package on Ubuntu open a terminal and execute:

sudo apt-get install default-jre-headless jarwrapper
sudo wget
sudo dpkg -iG yapp_VERSION_all.deb

I am using YAP on Ubuntu 19.10, but it should work with 18.04 through 19.04 as well. I’ve not yet tested it with 20.04.

On Windows: I’ve tested YAP under Windows 10 were it seemed to work out of the box.

On Mac: I’ve not been able to test YAP under Mac so far. Please, let me know if you were able to install and run it from the ZIP or TAR.GZ packages.

I’m currently too busy to provide support for a variety of platforms and to make everything to be usable as smoothly as it does under Linux. However, don’t hesitate to let me know of any issues.

Command Line Usage

Explore the command line interface with:

yapp --help

Obtain further command line help from the man page with:

man yapp

Emacs Integration

If you happen to be an Emacs user (i.e. you managed to become one with the Force), you might find the rudimentary yap-mode, part of the package, useful. Include the following lines in your .emacs to use that major mode:

(autoload 'yap-mode /usr/share/yapp/yapp.el "Major mode for YAP script files" t)
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.yap\\'" . yap-mode))

Have fun trying!