A recent version of the manual can be found under Download.


The YAP package available under Download contains several examples.

  • A risk model for autonomous driving, see examples/autodrv. Please, have a look into Section 2.3 of the PDF manual to learn about the command line calls to make.
  • A risk model for the human-robot collaboration setting discussed in our ICECCS’20 paper, see examples/hrc. On Linux, you can carry out the experiment, part of the paper evaluation package, with ./ Consider the for further instructions.
  • A set of patterns of how to encode dynamic fault trees in YAP, see examples/dfta. Use this example in analogy to Section 2.3 of the manual.

On Linux, these examples are installed in the folder /usr/share/yapp/examples. In order to assure write access to the examples, copy them with

mkdir -p ~/yap-examples
cp -r /usr/share/yapp/examples/* ~/yap-examples

into your home directory. Then you can mess around with it and, if getting stuck, revert your copy to the original files.


Accompanying examples/hrc, shipped with the YAP package, here is a mini-tutorial, or a hands-on guide, on using YAP and external tools (particularly PRISM) to synthesise a safety controller for a human-robot collaboration setting in manufacturing.

Further examples and a more detailed tutorial are on my agenda.